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My name is John Coogan. I'm a programmer in central Virginia.  In 2000 I began looking into purchasing investment property.  I found myself constantly creating mortgage calculators in spreadsheets, and then copy-n-pasting them for multiple side-by-side viewing.  I wanted this side-by-side mortgage calculator convenience in my pocket.  Those were the days of PalmOS devices.  So I embraced the learning curve and completed TriLoan for PalmOS in 2001.

TriLoan grew rapidly to over 6,000 customers and over 30,000 downloads.  But the days of PalmOS devices became numbered due to the advent of phones with build-in browsers.  PalmOS devices gradually fell out of use, but I managed to keep mine working until 2014.  Then when my last Palm device finally died.  I was back to spreadsheets and missed the convenience of TriLoan.  So finally in 2020 TriLoan is back up an running for Android.  TriLoan for iOS is coming soon.

Stay Tuned.


Features List

  • NO ADS!

  • TriLoan does not connect to the internet (fast load time)

  • Value, percent down, and loan-to-value calculations

  • Calculate any value - rate, loan amount, term, or payment

  • Canadian bi-annual compounding switch

  • Quickly see loan differences

  • For investors: analyze multi-loan purchase scenario

  • View amortization schedule

  • TriLoan saves and reloads your last session

  • Tax and Insurance calculations are configurable

  • TriLoan adds mortgage insurance if applicable

  • Full range of color options

  • Dark mode

Side by Side mortgage comparisons

Create one loan, copy it to the next column with one tap.  Change the rate and tap solve!  You can instantly view the differences in column #4.

Automatic Taxes and Insurance Computations

TriLoan has configurable calculations for Taxes and Insurance.  The need to add Mortgage Insurance is automatically detected.

Amortization Schedule

Populate the Amortization Schedule from any loan column with only one tap.

Colors and Dark Mode

TriLoan offers multiple color choices in both Light and Dark Mode


Learn TriLoan in 99 seconds

View the TriLoan tutorial video.
Learn all the key features of TriLoan in the first minute!


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